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1030 Wildewood Centre Drive, Suite B,Columbia,SC,29229

Hours: Mon-Fri 9am–5pm

United Real Estate is part of the largest fully integrated network of real estate and auction professionals in the nation. The company has been an innovator in real estate marketing since 1925. Our Management team knows the needs of agents in urban and metropolitan markets. We address those needs by providing powerful marketing programs along with technology-based services that are unique to the industry.

Winston Velpula | Broker-Owner
P: 803-467-4837 | Email: wvelpula@urecolumbia.com

As Owner of United Real Estate Columbia, Winston Velpula combines his years of real estate experience with more than fifteen years in the IT industry; his knowledge of marketing and technology places him squarely in the role of innovator among his area peers. He was named Rookie of the Year during his first year of sales, and he has continued to be a strong presence in Columbia real estate ever since. Winston works alongside his wife Sylvia and has two daughters; he is also a generous supporter of local charities and a patient mentor and motivator to his agents.

Preston Young | Broker-in-Charge
P: 803-315-8223 | Email: prestonmyoung@gmail.com

Preston Young comes to United Real Estate with 19 years of real estate experience and 13 years of real estate management experience. He is well-versed in contract and compliance management: he earned the title of Central Carolina Realtor of the Year in 2007 and sat as CCRA President in 2008. He has also served in various capacities for the state and local Realtor associations, as well as city and county boards. He is a steady source of knowledge and encouragement for the agents and a well-known member of the Columbia-area real estate community.

SuzAnne Smithson | Manager, Agent Relations
P: 803-479-7501 | Email: ssmithson@urecolumbia.com

SuzAnne has been a real estate agent since 2014, but selling homes is not her focus with United. She handles all aspects of the business, from recruiting to onboarding to training to office management. SuzAnne believes that United Real Estate is the best place for an agent to be, and she will gladly tell you all about it if you ask! She spends her free time with her teenage son and daughter; she has served for more than a decade on a local charitable board; and she also plays league tennis and will consider herself a success if she can ever learn a slice serve...